September Week 4: Congenital HIV

Article: Perinatal Guidelines: Sections on Intrapartum and Postpartum care

Case 1:

You are at VHC and a labor and delivery nurse calls to tell you about a new baby born to an HIV positive mom. Per usual, she does not know what information you would like regarding mom’s history.

What information do you ask her for and why is it important?
What would you order for the baby while they are in the nursery if mom was on ART and had good viral suppression? What would you do differently if mom was not on ART prior to delivery?
What side effects would you watch for from the HIV prophylaxis regimen

You are now following this baby in CYAS.

What diagnostic testing would you order and when ?
What prophylaxis is recommended for babies born to mothers with known HIV and when do you give it? In what circumstances would you not proceed with the prophylaxis?
What test results would allow you to exclude a diagnosis of HIV in the infant?
What changes would you make to the vaccine schedule for this baby?
What anticipatory guidance should you provide regarding feeding practices.
What further testing is recommended in an infant found to be HIV positive?

Want to know the answers?  Here they are!