October Week 3: Effects of Media and Violence


Media Violence

Violence Exposure in Real-Life, Videos, Television, Movies, and the Internet: Is there Desensitization?

Case 1. A 12 year old girl comes to your office for a well visit. Her mother is concerned about her daughter’s recent aggressive behavior.  As soon as she comes from school, she goes into her room, shuts the door, and doesn’t see her parents until is dinner time.  The parents have a very busy lifestyle, and the mother tells you her daughter keeps herself entertained on the computer.

What questions do you ask the mother and the child?

How do you assess media content?

What is the impact of media violence in children and adolescents?

What are the leading causes of mortality in the pediatric population?

Case 2. An 8 year old boy is in your office for a well child visit. You are reviewing anticipatory guidance and the mother tells you that her son spends three hours a day watching TV and one hour a day playing video games. She asks you how long should she allowed her child to play video games.

What are the recommendations from the AAP?

How can you educate parents to limit children’s exposure to media violence?