October Week 1: Influenza Vaccine

Policy Statement_Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Influenza in Children, 2010-11. Pediatrics published online Aug 30, 2010;

Case 1:
A pregnant mother brings her 3 children to see you for well visits in October. Her children are 8 years and 11 years old. You recommend that the children receive flu vaccines this season. Mom wants to know what types of flu are in the vaccines this year.

  • What do you tell her? 
  • What questions do you want to ask mom? 
  • What do you recommend?

Case 2:
A 4 yo boy comes in for his well visit accompanied by mom. She reports he is healthy and his only medication is albuterol which he has not needed since last winter. You ask about his flu vaccine history and mom reports he has had 1 flu vaccine every year since he was born including one H1N1 vaccine last year.

  • What do you recommend for influenza prophylaxis this year?

Case 2:
You are the resident on the Kid’s Mobile Medical Clinic van seeing patients in SE DC. The van is stocked with pediatric flu vaccine as well as flumist. What vaccines do you administer for the following patients?

  • A healthy 4 month old boy 
  • A healthy 6 yo boy who recalls getting a shot last year but doesn’t know which one 
  • A healthy 7 yo boy who got seasonal flu shots every year but mom did not want him to get an H1N1 last year because it was “too new” 
  • A healthy 9 yo girl who has never had a flu shot before 
  • A healthy 11 yo boy whose brother just had a bone marrow transplant 
  • A healthy 12 yo girl whose brother has HIV