November Week 4: Visual Diagnosis

Case One: An 18-month-old boy is brought to your clinic because of redness of his left cheek that his mother noticed yesterday. He has been otherwise well and has had no fever. Physical examination findings reveal a tender, erythematous area of slight induration on his left cheek. His mother tells you that the boy recently started sucking ice chips.  What is your diagnosis?

infant with swollen cheek

Case Two: A 2-year-old boy you have followed up since birth presents to your office for a health supervision visit. He was born at term and has had normal growth and development. The mother recently noticed that he looks “cross-eyed” at times. There is no family history of eye abnormalities. On physical examination, his left eye is deviated nasally with a white pupillary reflex. There is no proptosis, conjunctival injection, or pain with eye movements. The remainder of results for the physical examination are normal. What is your diagnosis?

eyes of infant with eye abnormality