November Week 3: Leukocoria


Peds in Review – Retinoblastoma – 2007

Pediatrics – AAP Policy Statement on Red Reflex Examination in Neonates, Infants, and Children

Index of Suspicion – Case 2


1. Discuss some tricks to get a stubborn baby to open his or her eyes to check a red reflex.

2. When should you check a child’s red reflex?

3. Your friend sends you pictures of her darling newborn, and you swear one of the pupils is white in the photo. What percentage of patients with retinoblastoma have their leukocoria identified by the parents first?

4. What is the differential diagnosis for leukocoria in a newborn?

5. If you find a child who has leukocoria, what should you do as a general pediatrician?

Written by Dr. Meaghan Nigra