May Week 2: Over the Counter Medications


Evidence for OTC Medications in Children Under 6 Years – Pediatric Child Health, 2008

Patient Resources:

OTC Medications: General Information for Parents

OTC Medications: Parent Brochure

OTC Medications: Parent Checklist


Jimmy, age 2, presents to CYAS Clinic with a mild upper respiratory infection. His mother asks you if she should give him a cough medication to treat his cold symptoms.

1) The FDA recommends that OTC cough and cold medications should not be given to children younger than _______ years of age. 
2) What are some possible adverse effects of decongestants? Antitussives? Antihistamines? 
3) Do studies show that OTC cough products are effective? 
4) What other things can Jimmy’s mom do to help with his cold symptoms?
5) Where can parents find resources on OTC medications? (Hint: see patient resources above!)

Case by Dr. Anjuli Srivastava