May Week 1: Bites/Rabies


Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Rabies and International Travel 2012

Rabies: A Brief Overview


Johnny, age 7, and his parents went on a camping trip in West Virginia. Johnny woke up the next morning to find two bats in his tent.

1) How is rabies transmitted? Why is it especially risky if a rabid animal bites someone on the hands or face? 
2) What should Johnny’s parents do for wound management in case they notice a bite or scratch?
3) How many shots will Johnny need?

At Raj’s 8 year old WCC, his parents tell you that the family will be going to India this summer. Raj tells you that Indian animals, like stray dogs and raccoons, are fun.

1) What preventive measures can travelers take to avoid animal bites? 
2) Who should get the rabies vaccine before traveling? 
3) Raj’s mom is 5 months pregnant. If she were exposed to rabies, should she get the vaccine?

Cases/Questions by Dr. Anjuli Srivastava