May Week 1: Colic

Article: Fireman L, et al. Colic. Peds in Review. 2006;27;357-58.

Case 1:

A disheveled looking couple brings their 1 month old to your office for a well visit. They report
their daughter cries inconsolably “almost all day and night.” Nothing they have tried is working.
They feel like they never sleep, cannot calm their baby, and don’t know what else to try. Dad
was reading about colic on the internet and wants to know if they should switch to alimentum.

What is the definition of colic? What are other common features of colic?

What problems or issues can colic increase the risk for?

What other questions will you ask?

How will you advise these parents? Will you change the formula? What about the following



Herbal teas

H2 blockers and PPIs