Glorius Last Case by the only Dr Bidadi!

Management of Bacterial Infections of the Skin

1. A four year old child who was in camp comes to clinic with a complaint on her face of a single erythematous macule that evolved into a pustule that ruptured of pus and now left a crusted honey colored exudate over the erosion.

1. What organisms cause this disease? What aged children are at most risk for this disease?
2. Is there a relationship between insect bites and this disease? 
3. What is the recommended treatment for this patient considering the extent of the disease?
4. What would you recommend if the patient had multiple widespread crusty purulent lesions all over her body?
5. Are there any sequelae that the patient is at risk of following this disease?

2. A 6 year old child presents to the dclinic with low grade fever, mild chills with a very erythemetous warm lesion on her lower extremity. There is a clear line of demarcation between involved and involved tissue. The lesion is raised above the level of surrounding skin.

1. what skin disease does the patient have? 
2. what is the difference between ersypilas and cellulitis in terms of clinical manifestations? What is the difference in the causative organisms? Which one is more associated with lymphatic streaking and lymphadenopathy? 
3. What would a possible causative organism be if the patient fell and cut her leg on a pipe that contains fresh water (hint fresh water organism!)? What would the causative organism most likely be if the patient had a cat bite that then became infected?
4. What is the treatment? What is the risk of recurrence and what are some risk factors for this disease?
5. what are the criterias for hospitalization?