June Week 2: Early Intervention


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  2. http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ohs/index.html
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Case 1:
You are seeing an 18 month old boy in clinic for his well visit. You note he does not use any words and ask the parents specific development questions. They report he has no words but started walking at 12 months, can run well, feeds himself, and does imaginative and parallel play.

What is your next step? 

Hearing testing is normal. The parents return and mention their neighbor who has a free speech therapist that comes to the house and works with their 2 yo daughter.

What is Early Intervention Services?
Who is eligible for EIS? 
What is the general process for a patient who is referred to EIS? 
What happens after the child turns 3? 

Case 2:
You are seeing a 4 yo girl in your office for a well visit. She is accompanied by her maternal grandmother. During your visit, you determine that she is speaking in sentences, has at least 100+ words, can run and jump, kick a ball forward, separates easily, plays well with other children. However, she knows no colors, shapes, numbers, or letters. MGM reports that your patient’s mother is staying in a homeless shelter with her other 2 children and she is currently pregnant.

What is Head Start? 
Who is eligible for Head Start?