January Week 1




NEJM: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.

NEJM: Clinical Image: Benign Parosysmal Positional Vertigo


1. Differentiate dizziness from vertigo? How would you elicit a description of vertigo from a child?

2. How would you ascertain whether vertigo is central or peripheral in origin?

3. Describe essential components of the physical exam in evaluation of a patient with vertigo.

4. How will pneumatic otoscopy assist your evaluation? 

5. All patients with vertigo must undergo what type of testing? Discuss how the findings of this test direct your differential diagnosis.

6. A history of antecedent URI symptoms precedes which disorders associated with vertigo.

7. What is the classic presentation of a patient with BPPV?

8. Describe the Hallpike-Dix maneuver. What is its current utility in evaluation of patients with vertigo?

9. Which patients with BPPV would you refer for specialized evaluation?

10. Discuss treatment options, if any, for BPPV (including physical maneuvers, medications and surgery.)