Ashley’s Thoughts on Georgetown

“Georgetown has been my home for many years. I went to med school here, and that’s when I learned that at Georgetown the residents come first. I did not want to be in a program where fellows take over the interesting patients, or where residents are not involved in patient management decisions. I knew as a student how great the residents are here, and how well they learn to become independent decision makers. To stay here as a resident was a dream come true – and to have the opportunity to be chief resident this year is the cherry on the top. As a chief I am working very closely with our program directors. We are constantly tweaking and modifying the program. This year we started the tracks, which give residents so much freedom to pursue their own interests, while getting the time to do it. As a resident I feel I have a voice here, as a chief I learn to listen to my colleagues’ voices, and turn them into educational programs. I love it!”