PL-2: Gold Senior

Please read the following articles BEFORE starting your Gold rotation:

  1. Intestinal Transplant Manual (Written by Drs Kaufmann, Rekhtman, Fishbein and Matsumoto)
  2. Solid Organ Transplant Tips
  3. Excellent Review article on Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation
  4. Jaundice 101 (lecture by Dr Rekhtman)
  5. Viral Hepatitis (lecture by Dr Yazigi)

The Gold team manages the medical needs of pre- and post- gastrointestinal transplant patients. Common issues include malnutrition, parenteral nutrition dependence, developmental delay, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, sepsis, short bowel syndrome, complications of liver failure, immunosuppression and rejection, and the psycho-social needs of these patients and their families. This team works intimately with the gastrointestinal transplant surgical team (attendings & fellows), GI social worker, case managers & nurse practictioners. The pediatric Gold day-team consists of 1 PGY2 resident & 1 PGY1 resident. It is very important to read the transplant manual attached to the Gold team rotation guidelines prior to starting your rotation.

Morning sign-in for the Gold team (senior & junior resident) is at 6:15am Monday through Saturday (senior-only on Saturday). Evening sign-out for the Gold team is at 5:30pm on Monday through Saturday. The SAR is the primary resident for the Gold team patients overnight from 5:30pm-6:15am (Monday through Saturday) and all day Sunday.

Gold Senior Resident (PGY2)
The PGY2 resident will have senior responsibility for the Gold team in the daytime on Monday through Saturday (except ½ day weekly for CYAS clinic attendance). The Gold team senior may sign-out to the SAR on Saturday after the completion of rounds and critical patient management. There is no overnight call for the Gold team senior.

The Gold team senior resident will have a thorough grasp of each patient on the service. The Gold team senior resident will examine all patients daily, supervise the PGY1 resident, ensure that the team is prepared for morning and afternoon attending rounds, coordinate the execution of each patient’s management plans as developed by the team, and attend weekly multi-disciplinary rounds. It is the responsibility of the Gold team senior to maintain an updated sign-out on all the patients on the team.