December Week 1: Testicular Pain/Swelling and Undescended Testes


Scrotal Swelling in Children.  Peds In Review.

Acute Testicular Disorders. Peds In Review.

1. What are the two different types of testicular torsion and how do they differ by age?
2. Differentiate the causes of testicular swelling that do and do not transilluminate.
3. What is the significance of seeing a small blue dot on a swollen testis?
4. What is the best position for a patient in which to detect a varicocele?
5. Which cause of testicular swelling will results in the absence of a cremasteric reflex?
6. By what age are most hydroceles repaired if not spontaneously resolved?
7. How are most cases of testicular torsion repaired?1.