August Week 1: Vaccine Surveillance

Reading and References: 
CDC chart of Immunization Safety and Autism Studies

Case 1:
A mother of a 5 week old baby calls your office to find out what vaccines will be given at her new baby’s upcoming 2 month WCC.

  • What vaccines are recommended at age 2 months?
  • What one question do you need to ask the Mother regarding the infant’s vaccine history?
  • She is concerned because her appt is scheduled at age 7 weeks. Can the routine 2 month shots be given at this visit as scheduled or does she need to reschedule for a later date?
  • How many injections will the baby receive? How many oral vaccines?
  • How might you counsel her at the visit regarding possible reactions to immunizations?

Case 2: 

A 14 year old healthy boy comes with his mother for his yearly check-up. He has not seen a pediatrician in 4 years because the family did not have insurance, but he has been generally well. The family has just moved here to DC from Idaho. He had regular Peds care until the age of 10.

  • What vaccines are most likely due at this visit?
  • The family is planning a trip to Peru in 8 months. What vaccine is suggested prior to travel abroad that he likely did not receive as a child?

Case 3:

A 9 month old healthy boy comes to your office in November for a WCC.

  • What shots are due at this visit (if any)? When should he come back to your office and why?

Case 4:

A 17 yo female comes to you for a school physical. She receives her first HPV vaccine and passes out on her way to the waiting room, hitting her head and requiring transfer to the ED. Is this reaction reportable? How do you report it?
A few questions:

  1. What is Kinrix? When is it given? 
  2. Name the components of Pentacel. 
  3. What is the schedule for the Hepatitis B series? Hepatitis A? HPV?