August Week 4: Meningitis

Article: Meningitis – Pediatrics in Review 2008

1. A mother brings a 20 day old infant into the ED with fever. What other symptoms would point you toward a diagnosis of meningitis? What if the patient were 3 years old? 15 years old?

2. What are the most common bugs that cause meningitis in a neonate? An older child?

3. What are the contraindication to lumbar puncture?

4. How should you interpret a traumatic tap? 

5. What empiric antibiotic choices are there for neonates. How does this change for an older child?

6. What potential complications should you be concerned about?

7. You have a patient diagnosed with menigococcal menigitis. Which contacts should get prophylaxis? What medications are used for this?

Case by Dr. Meghan Maloney