August Week 1

Newborn Skin & Basic Dermatology

Required Readings:

Common Newborn Derm Conditions Clin Fam Pract 2003.pdf 
O’Connor NR et al. Newborn skin: Part I. Common rashes. Am Fam Physician. 2008 Jan 1;77(1):47-52.


Case 1

You are seeing a 4 day old newborn whose parents are bringing her in for follow up after discharge from the nursery. Mom tells you “I know I was drugged up after my C section but I didn’t notice the terrible rash on her face!” You note pinpoint yellowish papules over nose, flat salmon-colored patches over both eyelids and the glabella, and several pustules with surrounding erythema over both cheeks and the chest.

What do you tell the mother? 
What does she need to do?

Case 2

A 6 day old is brought in her for newborn visit and mom is concerned about the lesion on her head. On exam, you see the lesion shown, as well as greasy scaly skin over cheeks, ears, and forehead.

What is your diagnosis?
What advice do you give mom for treatment?