June Week 2: Sports Preparticipation



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Case 1

You are seeing an 18 yo male for a sports physical. He is going to be playing football for Georgetown University and needs clearance to participate.

What questions will you ask him? 
What will you look for specifically on exam? 
What testing, if any, would you perform?

Which of the following medical conditions are considered a CONTRAINDICATION for sports participation?

A. a boy who has chronic leukemia and splenomegaly wishing to play golf
B. a boy who has insulin-dependent diabetes wishing to play tennis
C. a boy who has well-controlled seizures wishing to participate in basketball
D. a girl who has Marfan syndrome wishing to participate in gymnastics
E. a girl who has one ovary wishing to participate in softball

Case 2

You are performing screening sports participation examinations at the local high school. One of the students, a 16-year-old boy, reports that his father has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but that none of his three older brothers has it. He also reports that he was seen by a cardiologist at age 10 years and was “fine.” As you take his history, you find that he has never had shortness of breath, chest pain, exercise intolerance, dizziness, or fainting. He has always participated in sports and has excelled.

What is your next step?
How will you counsel this patient?