Resident Wellness

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Fatigue Management

We want you to be safe. If you even have the thought that you might be too tired to drive, consider any other option!  

  1. Take a nap in a call room. 
  2. Take a taxi home and back to work and submit receipt to the GME office
  3. Your receipt should be submitted to the GME office to process your reimbursement.

​Family Emergency? We Have You Covered! credit. MedStar Georgetown has paired with to offer employees subsidized credits for housestaff. These benefits include child care, pet care, as well as elder care.

Having a Problem? We are Here.

Employee Assistance Program.  Professional counseling is available for personal or health problems including: stress, illnesses and legal problems. You may contact Business Health Services at 1-866-765- 3277, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additional Resources

MedStar Health has many different resources for our providers and GME staff. Click here for find out more about what we offer out team!