Teaching Conferences

Learning central lines in our Simulation Center laboratory.

Skills and Drills

Learning central lines in our Simulation Center laboratory.


Medication Tasting

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is held every Friday morning.

Up-close photo of stained cells

Academic Half Day

Every Tuesday afternoon, we have multiple different lectures, based on an 18 month curriculum.

Core teaching conferences are conducted by faculty members at our Tuesday afternoon Academic Half Day. Residents hand off their pagers to the chiefs during the conferences. Conferences follow an 18 month curriculum covering the complete spectrum of pediatrics. Our academic afternoon includes regularly scheduled house staff meetings with program leadership and a wellness curriculum spearheaded by our department’s Wellness Champion, Dr. Ingard. we have a longitudinal behavioral health curriculum led by either our Associate Program Director, Dr. Chawla or our child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Pustilnik, as part of our integrated behavioral health clinic In the afternoons before continuity clinics residents lead a weekly “clinic conference” covering general outpatient pediatrics utilizing the Yale Primary Care Curriculum.

Monday afternoons are reserved for hands on training in the simulation lab with practical case scenarios and mock codes, under the supervision of PICU and NICU faculty members. There are additional chief resident run “morning reports” held at lunch time at both the hospital and in the clinic weekly. Friday mornings are reserved for grand rounds and there’s a monthly Friday noon ethic rounds.

Our former chair and current Division Chief of General Pediatrics, Dr. David Nelson, leads regularly scheduled journal club to discuss the latest and often more controversial articles in pediatrics.  

All third year residents have the option to either participate in a board review course or purchase study materials at the end of their residency paid for by the program. Additionally, all third year residents receive the infamous Laughing Your Way to Passing the Boards.