Module 1: Major Communicable Disease Part 1

Photo of a busy health clinic in Gabon
"Busy Clinic," Gabon


Epidemiology of HIV (BIPAI)

Pathophysiology of HIV (BIPAI)

Diagnosis and Staging of HIV (BIPAI)

Antiretroviral Treatment (BIPAI)

Opportunistic Infections (BIPAI)

Common Illnesses in Children with HIV/AIDS (BIPAI)

Prevention of HIV – Vertical Transmission (BIPAI)

Prevention of HIV – Horizontal Transmission (BIPAI)

HIV #1

HIV #2

HIV Vignettes

USAID online module – please complete course “HIV Basics”



TB cases

TB in the United States – CDC Surveillance (2008)

TB in Women and Children – Commentary (Lancet)


Malaria Basics – ID lecture from Dr. Hotez (skip to page 6 for Malaria)

Malaria in the US – CDC Surveillance (2008)

USAID online module – please complete course on Malaria